Comps Fields and Lists

Come explore the books we have read for our comprehensive exams!

[Maybe we link our lists here in a PDF or an uneditable Google Sheet or something so that way people can have access to the books we ended up choosing as well as the ones that didn’t make the cut at the end of the day.]

[OR we can end up typing out all of the books in a dropdown menu so that our page is very easily searchable. I’m just thinking about accessibility here and how I like to view pages.]

America in the World Comps List

History and Memory Comps List

Modern United States Comps List

Modern Latin America Comps List

History and Memory

Memorials and Memory (dropdown menu if I can figure this out)?

OR just downloadable lists since the specific tabs will have each book enumerated. That way this page doesn’t get too overwhelming.

Can create a link or do the download button that I have below!